ICTP Objectives

  • Increasing the efficiency of the infrastructure for the Egyptian information network and the Egyptian Universities Network (EUN) in the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU).
  • Providing the applications of the electronic government in higher education and scientific research institutions by supporting the design and use of the modern Management Information System (MIS) in the Egyptian universities and the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU).
  • Introducing new teaching methods like e-learning in order to cop with the scientific development and to satisfy the increasing demand on higher education.
  • Providing the electronic sources of information and international libraries to students and faculty members in the Egyptian universities such as: books, local and international researches, as well as international journals and databases through the information networks and digital libraries.
  • Upgrading the skills and capabilities of the academic and administrative staff in Egyptian universities and scientific research institutions to be able to use the latest advancements in information and communication technology and multi media

The Requirements for Achieving the Project Objectives

In order to achieve the project objectives, the project activities are divided into five main tracks:


  1. Infrastructure of information Networks.
  2. Management Information System (MIS).
  3. E-learning.
  4. Digital Libraries.
  5. ICT training.

The implementation of those five main tracks is carried out in two levels. First the centralized level in the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU) to execute the projects which all the Egyptian universities benefit from it. Second the universities level in order pave the way for more creativity and development in the scientific, practical and research fields.

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